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FSN +20 years experience in Early Year Education is Trilingual Nursery ,That follow British curriculum blended with Montessori approach .Encourage Autonomy & Development the Skills of Each Child Whatever Their Quality , An Educational Response Adapted to Their Need.

FSN aims to maximize every student’s learning opportunity to be able to adapt, explore on their own, create and contribute to the society.
Promise to parents:
FSN takes pride in hiring a team of teachers and staff who are not only academically qualified and experienced but also have the passion for their chosen endeavour. The FSNM team plays an important role in ensuring that there is are incessant, positive, warm interactions among adults and children. The learning activities are carefully planned and updated according to children’s development, interest and age.
Our Mission Statement

FSN is committed in providing a nurturing and safe environment that is conducive to the physical, emotional, social and academic development of each child. The school strives for dynamic education practices influenced by Early Years Foundation Stage integrated with Montessori teaching methods and philosophy that will foster the natural curiosity of each child into a lifelong love for learning, independence and passion for excellence.

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