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FSNM follows the EYFS curriculum entwined with the Montessori thread for motor skills. The principles and educational philosophies identified by Maria Montessori continues to underpin the methods used at First Steps Nursery to produce well-rounded individuals. The EYFS embodies these principles to support the teachers and assistant-teachers as the child’s link to the world. They ignite the curiosity while assisting in learning then step back to allow the child to work, explore, observe and create.

Child Development Domains

The EYFS program is organized in seven areas of learning and development:

  • 1) Personal Sound and Emotional Development
  • 2) Physical Development
  • 3) Communication and Language
  • 4) Literacy
  • 5) Mathematics
  • 6) Understanding of the world
  • 7) Expressive Arts and Design

Within the Montessori methods of teaching, the EYFS curriculum sets out what children are expected to achieve.

  • 1) Perform basic skills with independence and confidence;
  • 2) Develop senses through hands on experience (sight, taste, sound, touch and smell);
  • 3) Understand basic mathematical concepts such as quantities and numerical;
  • 4) Familiar and confident in using phonics for reading;
  • 5) Interest in science, environment, culture, geography and history
Integrated Enrichment Activities:

We believe that enrichment activities are beneficial for kids. It helps them to socialize, develop personal hobby/interest, explore, and hone their skills.

Kids enjoy going to new places and it also gives them a different learning perspective. Field trips are organized to give children first-hand experience of what they are learning and valuable opportunity to become aware of their community. For example, a visit to a fire station helps children to understand the magnitude of things instead of learning through pictures.

We focus on Physical Education as well. Children can enjoy various movement and balancing activities that help build their core muscles. An outsourced gym session on a weekly basis reinforces the efforts. Music and Arts are the thread which is used to hole the fabric of learning together. They have the freedom to express themselves through dance, singing, mixing colors and use of mediums to make their art works. We use, a variety of natural material to satisfy the sensory needs as well.

Extended Care Curriculum:

Our staff speaks English, Arabic and French so we are able to offer these languages.

Arabic Language:

Arabic is mandatory for all and non-Arabic speakers have two formal session while Arabic speakers have five sessions. Arabic songs and music are a regular feature of circle time and music lessons.

Learning Skills
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